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What do you love about making casserole recipes? For me, it's surely cooking once, and eating twice (or more!). Did I mention that I hate washing dishes, and easy casseroles are a sure fire way to cut down on the dish washing?

Easy Casseroles

Who has all day to get dinner ready, anyway? I want to serve my family delicious food, but I'm busy, and quite frankly a little lazy when it comes to cooking. These casserole recipes make quick family meals, and I'm all about that!

Whatever your excuse, I have the answer with delicious chicken casseroles, hamburger casseroles, breakfast casseroles, and many more easy to make casseroles to come.

Do you have room in your freezer?

My sister is a smart one, yes she is. When she cooks a casserole, she automatically doubles the recipe, and makes two. One for that night, and one to freeze for future use. After all, if you're already cutting, chopping, and preparing ingredients for one, it's really not much more trouble to make two main dish casseroles!

Food for gifts

Don't forget that one of the most appreciated gifts can be food in a time of need. Easy Casseroles make a perfect gift for mother's with new babies, friends/neighbors who are sick but have a family to feed, funerals, moving/new house, remodeling, and sweetest of all, just because.

More than you want to know

I live in rural Texas, with limited nearby available ingredients, but I believe you don't have to serve up fancy ingredients to get delicious real food.

Everyday recipes, everyday ingredients. Easy Casserole Recipes. I hope you'll visit often. I love to hear from you, so feel free to drop me a line with your suggestions and comments.

New quick easy casseroles are being added regularly! So bookmark me, and come visit again soon.


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Chicken Rice Casserole
This fantastic tasting chicken rice casserole was something I threw together the other day because I didn't have what I needed for a different recipe. It turned out great!